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About Crowsong Productions

Vile: Legends of Thunder Valley

The flagship title for Crowsong Productions. 

A young woman with an iron will contends with a murderous gunslinger kept alive by spirits of his victims. They vie for his soul while she vies to survive.

A wondrous world full of fantastic legends and fabled creatures is waiting in Thunder-Valley.

Original and Fan art

Crowsong added illustration to his list of skills and has created many original pieces of art from Thunder-valley and has created homages to many of the characters he grew up on.


 Crowsong, is the creator of several comic creations, including the recently completed series “Vile: Legends of Thunder Valley. A fantasy “NorthWestern” set in the Pacific Northwest.

Richard is also a recognized songwriter and wrote the children’s book “Helgen’s tale”. He also has several comicbook series in development with Native Realities. 

Richard’s story “My Crevice “ was a finalist for the Ghost City Comic awards and he will be releasing an anthology titled Dedhead Made of Lead and Other Tales this fall.

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