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S9 - The Comic Book

S9 is a story of Indigenous people in the future, their adventures, strength of family and will to survive…in space.

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Vile; Legends of Thunder Valley

 The complete story here compiled in one gorgeous edition. The crisp art work jumps off of the page and leads you closer to this fantastic world. See the trials of Hard Pants and the mysterious thunder beings. 

Helgen's Tale

 An orphan boy on the edges of the north, decides he and his special friends will create and deliver a present for Santa Claus. Helgen must brave the wilds and freezing temperatures, and defeat the golems that haunt the lands between here and there. 

Dedhead Made of Lead

 A sort of compendium of short stories, creepy tales and happenings in the territory known as Thunder-Valley. Along the lines of Grimm's fairy tales and in the vein of a magical place that is somewhere within the trees of Pacific northwest. 

Helgen's Tale, A Christmas tale by Crowsong

Don't miss out on this great holiday story

 An orphan boy on the edges of the north, decides he and his special friends will create and deliver a present for Santa Claus. Helgen must brave the wilds and freezing temperatures, and defeat the golems that haunt the lands between here and there. 

S9 is NOW available for Sale

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Introducing the Covers of S9

Richard Crowsong's Original

The cover behind the first edition of S9 

Derrick B. Lee Variant

S9 limited edition variant cover

Crowsong Variant

S9 limited edition variant cover 

More about S9 from Crowsong

Mission and Crew

Outside of a planet formally known as Earth, we join the expeditionary craft.  Part adventure vessel and part tow -truck the prized possession and universally known treasure seeking vessel

When the ships lead diver and father go missing Captain Doty takes the lead, with an unexpected crew of mis-fits

The skipper and crew will risk everything to find the treasure they seek, and locate their missing father

Tensions in space quickly escalated and a war nearly broke out. As if by divine decree, the Sun erupted in a fantastic flash that is known as the ‘Great Spark’

A group of megaminds tasked with inventions, devised a method to store information and energy within Dark Matter. 

Almost immediately after the ratification of the “Turtle-Island Accord” was signed by all nations, the Earth started to recover. While still a hostile place to live because of extreme weather, the Earth was healing.

The Wolf Pack

Derrick B Lee

 Chishi’ and Dine’ traditional and digital illustrator 

 Graduated Suma Come Lade Valedictorian from Southwest University of Visual Arts May of 2018.  My art skills have taken an evolutionary jump from easy medians to mastering one of the hardest medians, tattooing. Being a tattoo artist and business owner for over a decade and a half has helped me understand how to communicate with people from many backgrounds. The multitudes of designs I have made in different styles will come in handy. I created a comic M.I.S. for my BA final project, which will have a total of 6 issues. This experience I learned the majority of all the jobs that involve in sequential art. I did it all expect putting ink to paper and saddle stitching the final product. Issue 2 of my comic M.I.S. I will do it all. I’m hoping to bring all this knowledge to the dynamic S9 team. I also want to learn from my team members who have more real-world experience in this genre. Our team seems to mesh very well together. I want to build great friendships at the end of this series. Being a co-creator of S9 I will use my many life experiences to make our characters more relatable. Being Native American in the USA has had its challenges. I’m a veteran who grew up the cowboy way, done labor work, I have led and followed. I grew up traditional and am a Christian which strengthens my relationship with my Creator. My creativity is on non-stop all day every day. My two favorite styles of art are of two extremes, caricatures and realist. My hope is for S9 to be a great story that bring enjoyment to all our readers. As always Mass Love Everybody! 

More Cool things about Me


Favorite Super Hero: Deadpool (Marvel), Batman (DC), and ever Ever EVER… Monster Slayer (Dine’ ceremonial stories)

Favorite food: Pizza. 

Favorite beverage: Arnold Palmer (Sweet tea and Lemonade) 

Animal protector: The great serpent (Chishi’)

Chishi’ = Chiricahua Apache Dine’= Navajo

Tristen Oakenthorn


Tristen Oakenthorn is a PNW based indigenous artist, of Lakota and Nimiipuu heritage, mother, and general all around geek. Currently focusing on watercolors, ink, laughter, and a steady stream of strong language to bring jokes to light.

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More Cool Stuff About Me


Favorite Superhero: Danielle Moonstar and Lunella

Favorite food: This is an important decision, and seems like an impossible task, how does one decide?

Favorite Drink: Water, its the main component of all of my favorite drinks! 

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Michael Waggoner


A native Texan with Native roots. I started creating comics back in 1988 with my first self-published mini. In addition to creating comics, I worked many years in a comic shop and as a con promoter. Currently, I’m writing, editing, drawing, and lettering books for Free Fall Press, Ravenfish, Lucky Comics, Nerd Nation, and Crowsong.

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Favorite Super Hero: Jonah Hex

Favorite Food: Tacos

Favorite Beverage: Big Red

What you are currently listening to: 

Tom Waits, Thin Lizzy, Supersuckers 

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About Crowsong Productions

Vile: Legends of Thunder Valley

The flagship title for Crowsong Productions. 

A young woman with an iron will contends with a murderous gunslinger kept alive by spirits of his victims. They vie for his soul while she vies to survive.

A wondrous world full of fantastic legends and fabled creatures is waiting in Thunder-Valley.

Original and Fan art

Crowsong added illustration to his list of skills and has created many original pieces of art from Thunder-valley and has created homages to many of the characters he grew up on.

Projects & Other Creations

Richard's story "My Crevice" was a finalist for the Ghost City Comic awards

This year he released an anthology titled Dedhead Made of Lead and Other Tales.


Richard also wrote the children’s book “Helgen’s tale”. 

He has collaborated with creators Miles Greb as co-editor for the comic book Clovis and with Jeffrey Veregge on a special edition variant cover for Emerald City Comic Con 2018.

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