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    Crowsong at Indigenous Comic Con #2,

    with an overview of Vile: Legends of Thunder Valley & participation in Indigenous Comic Con #1. ICC #3 coming November 3 -4, in Albuquerque, New Mexico 

    Interviews & Events

    Emerald City Comic Con Homegrown

    ECCC - 2018.  Proud to be part of the Homegrown crew at ECCC.  Met some amazing people and get some feedback on some new concepts.  A weekend I will never forget.

    I Like Comic Con

    Erik Aldridge of Tualatin, Ore., shares a fist bump with Richard Crowsong of Crowsong Productions while stopping by his booth during I Like Comic Con,Also pictured is Miles Greb of Goldrush Comics, in plaid. (Amanda Cowan/The Columbian) 

    Interview with a Tribe Called Geek

     On this episode of A Tribe Called Geek, Jack the Pima and the Brown Ball of Fury, Johnnie Jae, talk geek with Richard Crowsong Davis, creator of Vile: Legend of Thunder Valley.

    Thriving Artist Market

    Neighborhood gathering of artist of all kinds sharing their creations.  

    ECCC Homegrown & Amazon Market

    Emerald City Comic Con is teaming up with Amazon for a little taste of ECCC Homegrown. August 15th, from 10 - 2pm in the Van Vorst Plaza.  426 Terry Ave N in Seattle

    Pod-Cast with Dungeon Comics

    Theamazing folks at the dungeon comics here in seattle have a podcast and they reviewed Vile. It’s at about the 30 minute mark of the show. It’s a fair review that is balanced in my opinion. Good and bad. I really appreciate them taking the time.…/

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