Character guides

Captain Doty

The Captain and skipper of the S9, Doty is a recovering or reformed swashbuckler. She’s chosen to settle down in the family business, to go the straight and narrow. Adventure and trouble aren’t hard to come across when you have a personality like Doty’s. Her confidence in herself are supreme and her love for her family is what define her.

She is muscular and strong.She keeps her bangs over her left eye nearly always.

Colors: She prefers the victory blue of the S9 uniforms.





Brook is a spitfire in her own way, much like her mother, she is defiant and questions nearly everything. Doty would like to see her daughter focus on politics and public service but Brooklyn wants to follow her father as a Star-Diver.

Long black hair that comes out of a slit in her compression suit. Fast, tough and athletically built, Brook compliments her skilled with exceptional hand-eye coordination.

Really fast and really tough, she is her father’s daughter. Wonderful hand eye coordination. She is athletically built.

Likes: butter-scotch candy and crossword books

She  loves green and tries to put it into everything.


The backstory

On a planet formally known as Earth

The planet’s nations celebrate the 20th anniversary of the “Rapture.” The event that saw the exodus of most of the planet’s inhabitants to outposts such as the moon, Mars and Europa. With the Earth’s resources effectively expended, the world’s “First World” nations and their support nations left for ‘curated’ outposts where their environments were altered to be inhabitable.

With the “First -world” nations abandoning Earth, many of the first nations people’s reclaimed their former countries. Small wars broke out between communities and tribes until the Federation of 1000 Nations was formed to create work for their youth, rejuvenate the planet and live peacefully with their neighbors.

Almost immediately after the ratification of the “Turtle-Island Accord” was signed by all nations, the Earth started to recover. While still a hostile place to live because of extreme weather, the Earth was healing.

Where did the first nation’s people get the finances to build infrastructure etc.?

Before the Rapture, a group of prodigies, geniuses and brainiacs, with the help of a tribal grant, made fantastic inventions and breakthroughs. These breakthroughs led to technology being sold to the governments of the world and life the world over changed almost overnight.

The Brat pack 

the group of megaminds tasked with inventions devised a method to store information and energy within Dark Matter. There was no need for physical servers or ‘clouds’-data and energy, knowledge and power could be hidden in a magical dimension it seemed.A company was formed with the money and brain-power. Starbridge systems was born.

Trillions poured into the coffers of several first nations and with the money they were able to research and develop their own space programs and achieved energy and financial independence.

With the technology created by the Bratpack, countries created weapons of war called Mayga-Mega. Immense space-hopping craft powered by some sort of dark energy through the use of Darkmatter .

Tensions in space quickly escalated and a war nearly broke out. As if by divine decree, the Sun erupted in a fantastic flash that is known as the ‘Great Spark’. The strange materials that made up the Meyga-Mega were obliterated and everything that relied on the Darkmatter technology was destroyed or useless. Much of the world’s recorded history was lost, as hardcopies were never made. After all the technological advances humans made, they were done and thrown back into the industrial age.

S9is a salvage craft owned by Doty. The skippers' family makes money by salvaging Meyga-mega and other abandoned space-junk. They have a lead on a job that could set them for life when their diver and father, James is killed in an accident in space. Dottie is forced to take out a large loan from a shark in ABQ and has but days to deliver the interest to the loan. If she can make it to the salvage soon, she and her family could be set for life. But before she can claim her treasure, she must find a space-diver to excavate. If she cant find a replacement diver, she will lose not only S9 and its Gospel lander, but her career as well.

The back story for Seqouyah 9 the sci-fi adventure series.

The back story for Seqouyah 9 the sci-fi adventure series.

On-T Software

ON-T software is the name of the software that runs many systems on Earth. The software is named affectionately Auntee after the name many native Turtle Islanders use for their aunts. Information is passed on from generation to generation. While the ON-T software is compatible with many other systems, families tend to protect their information that has been passed down for generations. This information includes everything from school records and almanac entries but also health information and every decision that was made while an ON-T was active.



About this template:

Mandraegons are the culmination of man’s engineering and tinkering genius. This A.I. Integrated within a carbon fiber and nearly destructible  casing is the only creature other than humans to gain a ‘race’ designation. The only creature outside of the hybrid creature that was created by the Mandraegons fusion of circuitry and chlorophyl.The wonderous and elusive Mountain-ents. 

These creatures made of carbon and wire were the first to run on the StarBridge Mayga memory computing system. Once the spark happened, all of the operational Mandraegons suddenly became sentient, and declared their own indepenence. They soon learned to communicate with living things on a molecular level and learned of the plight of Earth’s living ecosystems. The Mandraegons didnt seek to destroy man, it decided it was best to be independent of him and to ensure the ‘Green’s’ survival, several Mandraegons collaborated to create the mountain-ent operating system that allowed mobile carbon fiber skeletons to connect with entire forests and become mobile. An entire forest and ecosystem walking along four legs as if there were a great animal beneath carrying it along.

Mandraegons and their offspring favor areas between Pre-rapture cities and modern nation states or cities.

The character E-Leaux from S9

The character E-Leaux from S9

StarBridge systems

Starbridge systems

This is the technology and software (nicnamed darkwear) that allowed the world’s silicone storage systems to become obsolete. One of the side effects of using dark matter for this purpose was randomly appearing wormholes in space that spawned horrific creatures and creations. To combat these creatures, Skybridge created the Mega-Mayga crafts.

Mayga-drives were another invention from Starbridge Systems. The units accessed dark matter and slowly burned it as a sort of super-fuel. Many of these units stopped working after the great spark, but for some unknown reason, the smaller Mayga units continue to function at peak capacity.